Women Speak Up About Their Pain and How Modern Acupuncture Helped

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Researchers are often learning new things when looking at the role of complementary health approaches. It goes without saying that pain is a very common health problem. This issue is reflected in the patients that we see on a daily basis as over 60% of our patients initially came to us for pain related concerns. 


Chronic pain is more common among women than men and pain becomes increasingly worse as you age. Pain can adversely affect your quality of life and impact productivity, and those with pain may also be less able to move around freely, get quality sleep and overcome anxiety. 


Studies suggest that acupuncture may help relieve low back pain, osteoarthritis, headaches, neck pain and fibromyalgia. Hear from some of our patients who have various health concerns and share their story of how acupuncture has helped them find pain relief. 


Sylvia – Parkinson’s Disease


Cassie – Motherhood and Pregnancy


Maria – Chemo and Neuropathy


Consult one of our licensed acupuncturists to find out for yourself if acupuncture is right for you and the pain you are feeling. Find the clinic nearest you.

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