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For years Dr. Stephen Gubernick treated many people with various types of pain amongst other conditions while running a successful Chiropractic clinic with The Joint franchise.

“I had a lot of success helping patients with chiropractic alone however, I wanted something more. I needed a tool that could not only enhance my results but improve the patient experience as well.”

- Dr. Stephen Gubernick, CCO & Co-Founder

It is not uncommon for expecting women to have low back pain late in their pregnancy. Gubernick would often refer these patients to a trusted acupuncturist for additional treatments. Time after time his patients would report back with positive results, they experienced by adding acupuncture to their treatment plan. Not only did their pain symptoms improve but, each patient shared how relaxing the experience was. Hearing of these experiences, Gubernick knew acupuncture was the tool he sought. Acupuncture could not only be used in conjunction with chiropractic care, but also provide equal or better results for those who did not want to be adjusted, much like his expecting patients.

Soon after, Gubernick pursued a license in acupuncture and advanced his knowledge with additional needle technique courses. “I quickly implemented acupuncture into my practice and found the results to be even better than anticipated. I realized that acupuncture is much more than just a complimentary treatment for pain, it could stand on its own and be effective with numerous conditions outside of pain.” This experience inspired him to find a way to make this ancient practice available to more people. He intended on opening his own acupuncture practice and shared his idea with seasoned franchisors Matt Hale and Chad Everts, both former executives of The Joint.


Alternative healthcare has been a part of Matt Hale’s life since very early on. His parents met at Chiropractic school, and he always assumed he would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Chiropractor. Instead, upon graduating from college, he was given the opportunity to enter the franchising universe. “I’ve owned and operated my own businesses since I was 16, so I’ve always been a hard worker, but it was the alternative health care/franchising space that truly fascinated me.” As a founding member of the management team at The Joint, Matt’s leadership and development of a strategic operational infrastructure in his role as VP of Operations, played an integral part in growing the brand.

A big believer in alternative healthcare, Hale has been able to apply his previous years of franchise experience, on both ends, as a franchisee and franchisor and apply it to building Modern Acupuncture®, and expanding a realm of health care that he truly believes in.

Another founding member of the managing team at The Joint was Chad Everts. Everts brought his expertise as former VP of Development to Modern Acupuncture® along with his experience as a seasoned co-founder and co-owner of another successful franchise, Noodles Management.

Hale and Everts started with The Joint in 2010, at a time when the company had 8 clinics, when they left in 2016, the company had grown to nearly 350 clinics. “When Dr. Stephen Gubernick got in touch, telling us he was planning to open an acupuncture clinic we said, no you aren’t, you’re going to open thousands of them,” recalls Hale.


Gubernick, Hale, Everts and one additional Modern Acupuncture® Co-founder, Mike Nesteby (former Director of IT at The Joint, responsible for implementing the technology infrastructure that scaled its tremendous growth) have no cause for regret, only excitement for the future ahead. Since September 2016, when Modern Acupuncture® was launched, over 500 licenses have been awarded with nearly 50 clinics open across the U.S.

“There have been over 500,000 patient treatments administered since our inception in 2017, and we are confident that our trajectory of growth throughout the country will continue to rise,”

- Chad Everts, CDO & Co-Founder

As Modern Acupuncture® evolves, it is still on the same quest Dr. Stephen Gubernick pursued early on, to optimize patient results. We are constantly evaluating the latest research and testing innovative techniques to the ancient practice of acupuncture to improve natural healing. We still share the vision of Matt Hale and Chad Everts, to offer the healing benefits of acupuncture in a modern way that is accessible, consistent, and affordable to everyone.

Modern Acupuncture® Co-Founders: Matt Hale, Chief Executive Officer | Dr. Stephen Gubernick, Chief Clinical Officer | Chad Everts, Chief Development Officer | Mike Nesteby, Chief Information Officer

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We envision revolutionizing the way people seek health care through the delivery of convenient, personalized and affordable modern acupuncture care.



Our intention is to deliver the ancient practice of acupuncture to all individuals across the country to help alleviate ailments such as pain and stress, in order to improve their lives. We intend to be the leader in the natural healthcare revolution.



  • Provide exceptional modern acupuncture care in an accessible manner, that is consistent and affordable for everyone.
  • Create an incredible spa-like environment with scientific based music therapy, relaxing nature scenes, soft lighting and heated zero gravity massage chairs for ultimate relaxing experience.
  • Develop our licensed Acupuncturists with on-going training based on the latest scientific evidence-based research.
  • Support our Zen Advisors who truly care about every person who walks through our doors.
  • Offer top of the line pharmaceutical grade supplements for pain, stress, fatigue, sleep, immune support and more, so that paired with acupuncture, our patients can live their best lives.
  • Partner with like-minded organizations and companies who share our mission.
  • Continue to educate the public on the benefits of acupuncture and provide treatments and products to help everyone reach and maintain their wellness goals.
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Even though Acupuncture has been around for many years, we are just experiencing the resurgence of this medicine. The demand is higher than ever, and we are grateful to be a part of building a healthier, holistic world.