3 Men Tell Their Modern Acupuncture Story

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Modern Acupuncture recently conducted a survey, and 66% of patients came to visit us initially for pain related concerns.  Pain continues to be the leading reason men and women seek us for acupuncture treatments.


Pain becomes worse as you age and can further impact your mobility, productivity, sleep and quality of life.


Studies suggest that acupuncture may help relieve low back pain, osteoarthritis, headaches, neck pain and fibromyalgia. Here from some of our patients who have various health concerns and share their story of how acupuncture has helped them find pain relief. 


NICK - Injuries from Marathon Running


ROB - Neck/Shoulder Pain and Better Sleep 


DENNIS - Pain Relief and Amazing Sleep



Consult one of our licensed acupuncturists to find out for yourself if acupuncture is right for you and the pain you are feeling. Find the clinic nearest you.


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