On Track for a Health Hack to Support Your Body? IV Therapy while Getting Acupuncture in the Zen Lounge.

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I am not a 20+ mile a day runner, twice a day gym buff or someone who can fully adhere to a vegan or gluten-free diet every day. I’m me, a mid-40’s person who is conscious about my health, trying to exercise regularly and eat good most of the time, while working full time, helping my husband run his business and getting our college-age kids off to a good start.


My friends and I are always sharing “health hacks” or rather ways we can support our bodies while not having to disrupt our already busy routines.


My favorite to share is Athletic Greens, which I first heard about from a well-known influencer podcast. The Athletic Greens sponsor caught my attention because I’m always looking for ways to supplement my diet since I don’t always have the time to focus on eating the daily recommendations of fruits and vegetables.


After talking about this new nutritional supplement, my friend shared that she started getting IV Therapy Vitamin Drips for the same reason. She described how hydrated and energized she felt for days afterwards and convinced me it was something I needed to try. Not long after, Modern Acupuncture, where I occasionally get acupuncture treatments, started offering IV Therapy, so I decided to give it a shot.


My first IV was a Myer’s Cocktail, which I researched before arriving. This seemed to be the most common vitamin mix for the average person. I felt good walking out but was blown away by how I felt the next day. I woke up, went for my normal 3-mile run and felt better than I usually do running at 5am. I was a few seconds faster on my pace and didn’t get as tired by the end. Throughout the day and over the next few days, I noticed my skin looked more hydrated, and I had more energy overall.


After that experience, I naturally started to notice more conversations about IV Therapy and the benefits from those who are already living a healthy lifestyle and those who are setting new goals to optimize their health.


IV Therapy drips vitamins and minerals straight to the blood stream instead of having to go through the digestive track. On track for a health hack, right?  


The best part about my experience, was that I was able to do acupuncture at the same time while getting my body fully hydrated with nutrients and vitamins. This is a health hack worth sharing with everyone. I’m an example of how easy it is to incorporate IV Therapy and Acupuncture into your life once or twice a month. It will not only help you feel better but also stay healthy in the long run!  


Modern Acupuncture IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots

IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots are safe, powerful and potent ways to help your body heal and regenerate. Without proper hydration and vitamin efficiency people may face fatigue, headaches, pain, ulcers, weight gain, high blood pressure, and kidney issues. By incorporating vitamin IVs, you are enriching your body’s ability to deliver pure vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for the most systemic effect. 


IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots offered at participating locations - Check the clinic nearest you today.

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