Helping Acupuncture Students Excel with Modern Acupuncture Internship for the Future of Acupuncture Care

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As leaders in the acupuncture profession, Modern Acupuncture's Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Stephen Gubernick, with his support team, found a way to effectively guide future providers in furthering their knowledge and experience of acupuncture and optimal patient care. Modern Acupuncture has partnered with the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA) and created an internship program that is underway. 

“We feel it is not only our mission, but part of our responsibility to do our best to deliver the highest quality acupuncture we can. Using our first-class clinics and training systems, we can teach and provide hands-on, real-life experience to advanced students as they prepare to graduate. We see this as a valuable ‘rotation’ giving students exposure to hundreds of real patients, much like the rotations medical students must complete prior to licensure.”  - Co-Founder, Stephen Gubernick 

Interns work side by side seasoned Licensed Acupuncturists and assist in diagnosis and formulating treatment plans to get the best results. Under the guidance of their supervising acupuncturist, interns will be involved with every step of the patient’s treatment. By the completion of the rotation, future acupuncturists will have insight and involvement with cases that often take many years to accomplish. 

“I get to pass on the invaluable skills I have learned through doing over 25,000 treatments to future providers.” - Billy McCalla, L.Ac. 

Through the partnership with PIHMA students are allowed to complete a portion of their clinical rotations at certain Modern Acupuncture locations. In addition to patient care, students will also learn the Modern Acupuncture methods and requirements to run a private practice.


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