Summer Activities Reminder to Stay Hydrated - Dehydration Leads to Fatigue and Headaches

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Feeling tired and sluggish? You may be dehydrated. 


Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches and even chronic fatigue syndrome. Nearly all body functions are about fluid balance, and even small changes in fluid balance can affect our performance and daily life. 


When the body is dehydrated, both fluid levels and blood volume can drop. As a result, the heart must work harder to supply the skin and muscles with oxygen and nutrients.


Our bodies are about 70% water. Vital organs like the kidneys, brain, and heart can’t operate properly without a certain minimum of water and salt. 


Dehydration is caused by a loss of water and important blood salts like potassium and sodium. When your body experiences dehydration, it results in subtle tension in your tissues, muscles and organs. 


This restricts blood flow. Because your blood flow is restricted, it becomes a dumping ground for toxicity. The result is that you feel as like you are hung over and your muscles ache. 


Chinese medicine aims to treat the source of fatigue, not merely the symptoms of it. For thousands of years Chinese medicine has been used to restore and maintain optimal health levels. This holistic approach offers positive benefits without any negative side effects. 


As dehydration progresses, the body has issues circulating blood, and this results in muscle cramps, light-headedness, and fatigue. Hence, dehydration is one of the main triggers for headaches.


About 1/3 of people with headaches say dehydration is a trigger, and for some, even the slightest hint of dehydration can lead to debilitating head pain. For more view our recent blog: 3 Most Common Migraine Triggers - What You Need to Know to Better Manage Stress and Decrease Migraine Headache Frequency.


This lack of hydration issue can be extremely common among all age groups, especially during the hot summer months. High temperatures cause the body to lose more fluids, making proper hydration essential during this time. 


Staying Hydrated Recommendations from Modern Acupuncture


When you drink sufficient water, blood flow is not restricted, and the toxins are detoxed out of your tissues and into your bloodstream. 


Experts say that an adult needs a minimum of eight cups of water per day for optimum efficiency. Clean, pure water is vital. Other beverages like tea, coffee, fruit juices, alcohol, and soft drinks are processed in the body as food and, in some instances, can actually cause dehydration.


We recommend starting slowly and staying consistent with your re-hydration regimen working from eight cups up to twelve, depending on your physical activity and temperature outside.  


Water is one of the key ingredients for our bodies to work normally. It is essential to drink enough fresh, clean water daily to prevent dehydration. If you suffer from headaches and fatigue during the hot summer months, make sure to follow a hydration routine.


We recommend visiting your local Modern Acupuncture clinic to add regular Acupuncture to your recovery and wellness routine. Your body will thank you for all the self-care. 


Acupuncture Relieves Stress and Chronic Pain


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