Why Acupuncture is Your New Skin Care Secret - Giving You That Extra Glow

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Stress is a major trigger for skin issues and accelerates skin aging. Research has made it clear that all types of stress accelerate dysfunction and breakdown of collagen, elastin and the results are an increase in fine-lines, wrinkles and early signs of aging.


We believe that taking a natural approach to skin care allows your body to combat stress, reverse the signs of skin damage and keep you looking younger longer. 


Most people are aware of the benefits acupuncture has to offer for pain relief and stress reduction, but it may come as a surprise that it can also make you look and feel younger.


A technique known as facial acupuncture can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve your complexion, and restore a more youthful, natural glow. 


Facial acupuncture is an extension of traditional acupuncture, hair-thin needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points on the face and directly into fine lines and wrinkles. This natural technique stimulates greater blood flow and nutrients to the face. The natural stimulation promotes circulation, while also hydrating the tissues of the skin to promote a naturally healthy look from the inside out.


Unlike other facial injection treatments, facial acupuncture addresses the signs of aging and the skins overall hydration and health. More people are becoming aware of the benefits of Facial Acu-Care as a Skinimalist Approach to Beauty.


The focus of facial acupuncture is to create long-term changes in the health of the skin and body, not short-term quick fixes.


An initial course of treatments includes two sessions per week for 6-12 weeks. This process initiates the healing response and helps to balance the body. Consistency is a must to achieve the best results. After the initial course, maintenance treatments are recommended at a frequency of 2 sessions per month ongoing. It is also recommended that you repeat a course of 2/week for 6-12 weeks every 1-2 years.


It is 100% natural, safe, cost-effective and the only cosmetic treatment that will also improve your overall health. 


Modern Acupuncture offers facial acupuncture by licensed Acupuncturists who are trained to guide patients through each treatment to ensure peace of mind and best results. Our licensed acupuncturists can target fine lines and wrinkles in many areas of the face, including ‘smile-lines’, ‘crows-feet’ around the eyes, and the common forehead lines. Over the course of consistent treatments, wrinkles often become less defined, and the face complexion becomes more youthful.


Additionally, to focus on total-body health, every facial acupuncture treatment incorporates acupuncture points on the body to help correct underlying imbalances, such as chronic stress, that can contribute to signs of aging.


The combination or facial and body acupuncture points helps to restore optimal function of the body, reduce stress, boost overall health and restore a more radiant, youthful appearance. All of this makes Facial Acupuncture a perfect addition to your skin-care routine for a natural, healthy, beautiful you.


“Modern Acupuncture has helped me during a time when my health and skin was in need! I committed twice a week for three weeks and was blown away from the results of my skin condition (eczema) going away and how clear my face is now! I enjoy the serene atmosphere, peacefulness and every employee who has made my healing journey better.”  - Adriana (AZ)


“I absolutely love this place! I've been seeing my acupuncturist for facial acupuncture since September 2021, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results! She is super gentle when inserting the needles and always takes time to reposition anything if it feels off. I get a 20 min power nap every time I go, and I come out feeling refreshed.”  - Chandra (IL)



FAQ – Does Acupuncture Hurt?


You may feel a little sensation or tingle at the point, but most patients don’t feel anything at all and often fall asleep during their treatment because of how comfortable they are. Keep in mind that the acupuncture needles are extremely tiny, often smaller than a strand of human hair. Your acupuncturist will make sure that you are comfortable and adjust any point during your acupuncture session that causes discomfort.


Acupuncture Relieves Stress and Helps Skinimalism Glow


Modern Acupuncture® is a natural stress relief solution and the leading provider of Acupuncture in the U.S. The most studied theories show that Acupuncture stimulates the body to release naturally produced "feel good" endorphins and stimulates the parasympathetic or "rest and digest" response in our body, alleviating symptoms associated with stress.

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