Why You Should Try NAD+ IV Therapy to Help Maintain Cellular Integrity and Function in Your Body

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You’ve likely heard about NAD+ IV Therapy drips, but if you haven’t, we are here to queue you in. NAD has helped numerous patients, which is why Modern Acupuncture will now offer NAD+ IV Therapy at select locations starting with Modern Acupuncture Arrowhead in Glendale, Arizona.


Do you think that you would benefit from an NAD treatment? Let’s find out.


What is NAD+?


Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a naturally occurring co-enzyme in your body that participates in major metabolic processes. According to the Translational Medicine of Aging, NAD is an “essential cofactor in all living cells that is involved in fundamental biological processes,” including metabolism and DNA repair.


NAD levels naturally decrease in our bodies as we get older, and this decrease is associated with aging and several age-related diseases. Wrinkles, a drop in energy and brain fog starts to gradually increase as our NAD levels decrease.


How does NAD+ work with the body?


Scientific evidence shows promising results that supplementing NAD+ can help slow the impact of aging in multiple ways.


NAD+ acts as a co-factor and activates enzymes in the skin that carry out DNA repair. This DNA recovery protects your skin from aging, UV damage, and wrinkling.


NAD+ improves neurological function by increasing your focus and giving you clarity. It also boosts energy production and optimizes oxygen supply to the brain, reducing brain fog and enhancing cognitive abilities.


Boosting your NAD levels can also help support your body to heal itself better from injury, especially when it comes to the regeneration of your blood vessels.


NAD+ helps your cells convert food into energy by acting as an electron transporter during cell metabolism ‘power station’ for the body.


Why should I get an NAD+ IV Therapy Treatment?


Whether you are concerned about aging, struggling with energy, or trying to boost your mental clarity, NAD+ IV Therapy may be right for you.


Most people who experience NAD+ IV therapy express the following benefits:

- Heightened concentration

- Expanded memory

- Enhanced mental clarity

- Improved mood

- Better balance

- Increased energy


Receiving the NAD+ via an IV instead of using a supplement allows you to bypass your digestive system and absorb the NAD directly into your bloodstream and cells, exactly where you  need it most.


Modern Acupuncture IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots

IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots are safe and powerful ways to help your body heal and regenerate. Without proper hydration and vitamin efficiency people may face fatigue, headaches, pain, ulcers, weight gain, high blood pressure, and kidney issues. By incorporating vitamin IVs, you are enriching your body’s ability to deliver pure vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for the most systemic effect. 


IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots offered at participating locations - Check the clinic nearest you today.



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