Can Modern Acupuncture Help Power Up the Mind and Create Mental Clarity

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Brain power and clarity can give us major advantages in life, making us more efficient, determined, connected with our environment and better able to focus on our life goals. 


In times of high stress and constant distractions, it easily feels like our brains are struggling to keep up with the demands of daily life. 


There is quite a bit that you can do to improve your mental capabilities and regain mental clarity. One effective and relaxing way to do this is by receiving regular Acupuncture. 


How can Acupuncture boost your brain power and clarity?


Acupuncture uses very specific techniques, including gently placing ultra-fine needles in specific points that are known to activate the nervous system to trigger various cellular changes to balance, and revive both the body and mind. 


When the nervous system is working in harmony, the mind and body are communicating efficiently to produce clear thoughts and effective actions. During this time, we are inclined to feel stronger, happier, more confident and achieve our best results. 


Our mind-body connection can nevertheless be disrupted or impaired by factors such as acute and chronic illnesses, poor diet, lack of sleep, stress, trauma and more. 


Acupuncture has the intrinsic power to repair the physical and mental damage of stress and poor lifestyle choices and to balance the nervous system. An acupuncture session has the potential to fortify weaknesses in the nervous system and can therefore be used to specifically strengthen mental functions and give an extra boost of brain power both short term and long term. 


Numerous studies suggest that acupuncture can help improve memory, mental clarity, concentration and cognitive function.


According to a study published in the October 2008 issue of Neuroscience Letters, Acupuncture can significantly improve learning and memory capacity that has been impaired by hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and cerebral ischemia (poor circulation). In the study, the effects of the acupuncture treatments showed significant improvements in restored memory and learning capacity. Researchers believe that the positive results of this study indicate better brain function.  


One recently published study showed how Acupuncture can be used to help patients with vascular dementia. Cerebral functional imaging before and after acupuncture treatments showed a significant increase in the cerebral glucose metabolism of the brain, which is associated with improved cognitive function. Other studies have looked at how acupuncture affects the performance of students taking an exam or those with Alzheimer's disease and memory impairment induced by diabetes and cerebral ischemia. All results, thus far, have been positive.


The idea that Acupuncture can boost brain health and clarity is backed by on-going research and the life changing results of many patients. 


Whether you are studying for an exam, working through a difficult work project, or when trying to go about your everyday life making sound decisions, Acupuncture can help us feel clear and ready to take action. 


Adding Acupuncture to your healthy lifestyle is a positive step to enhance concentration, memory, emotional balance, resilience, good judgement, and will-power. 


We invite you to visit one of our Modern Acupuncture clinics to experience the mind boosting effects of Acupuncture with one of our highly trained, Licensed Acupuncturists. Find a location nearest you.


Acupuncture Relieves Stress

Modern Acupuncture® is a natural stress relief solution and the leading provider of Acupuncture in the U.S. The most studied theories show that Acupuncture stimulates the body to release naturally produced “feel good” endorphins and stimulate the parasympathetic or “rest and digest” response in our body, alleviating symptoms associated with stress.

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